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A discussion paper on diversity in secondary education and parents’ views on it by Professor John Coldron, Centre for Education Research and Social Inclusion at Sheffield Hallam University, has been published today on the RISE website

The paper identifies different kinds of diversity – structural, educational and compositional (diversity of intake). Evidence as to how much of these kinds of diversity parents are likely to experience currently is examined. In concluding Professor Coldron says:

'I start from the position that providing room for people to have a say in what happens to them is in most parts of life a good thing and that diversity enriches society and the quality of experience and debate while uniformity tends to impoverish. My concern is that the current policies promoting choice and diversity in education borrow legitimacy from this common sense position but on closer inspection lack coherence and the claims about what people want are at best simplistic and at worst wrong.'

The paper concludes with questions for future research. RISE is inviting comments on the paper.

13 April 2007