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School Admissions Seminar

School admissions – lessons from the evidence. A report and follow-up discussion

School Admissions Seminar Report

Click here to download this report as a PDF file

A report of the seminar held on 5 March 2015

Professor John Coldron – Sheffield Hallam University

John Freeman CBE – Education consultant
Dr Elizabeth Passmore OBE – Chief Schools Adjudicator

Melian Mansfield – RISE trustee

Does the English admissions system need to change?

An invited audience of people working to administer admissions, campaigning about admissions or researching admissions discussed John Coldron’s RISE review on admissions.

Speakers’ biographies

Professor John Coldron is Emeritus Professor at Sheffield Hallam University’s Centre for Education and Exclusion Research. He has researched and published widely on education including on admissions to schools, the causes and effects of segregated intakes and their relation to educational outcomes. He has carried out government-funded research on school admissions.

John Freeman CBE is an independent consultant, commentator and writer on education and children’s services. He has been a Director of Education and Director of Children’s Services, and had a national role with the Local Government Association (LGA). He was formerly Joint President of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services and was elected as Chair of the ADCS Associates Network for the year from April 2015.

Dr Elizabeth Passmore OBE is the Chief Schools Adjudicator. Previously one of the team of adjudicators, she was appointed as Chief Adjudicator in 2011. Following a career as a science teacher, she became a science specialist HMI (Her Majesty’s Inspector) who went on to lead teams of HMI specialist curriculum advisers. From its inception in 1993 she was head of Ofsted’s school improvement division and then Director of Inspection until 2003.

About the report

At the seminar Professor John Coldron outlined the findings of his RISE review, School admissions – lessons from the evidence. The report contains his presentation and the responses of Dr Elizabeth Passmore and John Freeman. The views of the invited audience are also summarised.

Through the range of different views expressed there was general agreement amongst this specialist audience that the English admissions system needs to change. The report concludes with a postscript from John Freeman setting out the changes he wants to see.

Click here to download the report as a PDF file