The Research and Information on State Education Trust (known as RISE) is registered by the Charity Commission (No. 283726) and constituted by a trust deed dated 25th August 1981 and amended 7th April 1998. The Trust is administered by its Trustees and a correspondent who is not a Trustee.

The charitable objects of RISE include promoting the advancement of education in the publicly maintained sector in the UK, maintaining an educational information service, and promoting and encouraging research.

Trustees 2016: David Gordon, Alan Gurbutt, Martin Johnson, Melian Mansfield, Nick Peacey, Margaret Tulloch, Liz Williams.

Correspondent: Libby Goldby.

Trustees met formally five times during 2016. Over the year their work continued to focus on the On-line Information Centre - updating and improving the site and, above all, publicising it as widely as possible. Mass emails were sent out to MPs, education professionals, parents’ organisations, researchers and other relevant groups. A new leaflet was produced to be given out at conferences and meetings and pens printed with the site address were widely distributed. Numbers of visitors to the site increased steadily and feedback continued to be very positive.

The main RISE web site was also improved and a number of earlier research reports, previously available only in printed form, were converted for on-line publication, forming an archive of RISE’s work over the past 20 years.

Key to the success of the Information Centre continues to be the enthusiasm and skill of our volunteers, including the Trustees, but it is now felt that this arrangement is not sustainable in the medium term. Trustees have begun to consider alternatives that can be initiated in the coming year.

RISE continues to run on a shoestring, sustained by small donations.

Expenditure in 2016 was £841.62 and funds in hand at the end of the year were £2,362.62.