The Research and Information on State Education Trust (known as RISE) is registered by the Charity Commission (No. 283726) and constituted by a trust deed dated 25th August 1981 and amended 7th April 1998. The Trust is administered by its Trustees and a correspondent who is not a Trustee.

The charitable objects of RISE include promoting the advancement of education in the publicly maintained sector in the UK, maintaining an educational information service, and promoting and encouraging research.

Trustees 2015: David Gordon, Alan Gurbutt, Martin Johnson, Melian Mansfield, Nick Peacey, Margaret Tulloch, Liz Williams.

Correspondent: Libby Goldby.

Three Trustees – Hilary Chamberlain, Ada Fordham and Joan Sallis – who were no longer able to be active members were retired from the board and Alan Gurbutt decided to leave at the end of 2015. All had made valuable contributions over the years. The board met formally six times during 2015.

Prof. Coldron’s Review of Admissions was published as planned and presented at a very successful seminar in March. Dr. Elizabeth Passmore, Chief Schools Adjudicator, and John Freeman, former joint president of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services, responded to Prof. Coldron’s presentation and lively discussion followed with an engaged and knowledgeable audience representing a variety of people with considerable experience of current issues in school admissions. The Review and a report of the seminar have been published on the RISE website.

Also published on the website in September was Nick Peacey’s discussion paper on Special Educational Needs, mentioned in the last report.

Our on-line education information service, known as the Information Centre, is now the main focus of our work. This provides access to on-line information and data, grouped into topics each with a commentary and linked to five categories of information:
• Parliamentary answers
• Department for Education (DfE) Statistical First Releases and Statistical Releases
• DfE Press Releases where they contain useful data
• Key reports
• Relevant websites

We rely on wonderful volunteers for the constant updating and extension of the content. Recent feedback from users confirms the value of the Centre, and a major publicity drive will begin shortly to increase public awareness of the site and raise visitor numbers. Success on this front will support future fundraising efforts.

RISE runs on a shoestring with volunteers and Trustees carrying out the work required.

Expenditure in 2015 was £2,869.99, which came from Income and Reserves.

Funds in hand at the end of the year were £2,927.33

Agreed by the Trustees, March 2016