The Research and Information on State Education Trust (known as RISE) is registered by the Charity Commission (No. 283726) and constituted by a trust deed dated 25th August 1981 and amended 7th April 1998. The Trust is administered by its Trustees and a correspondent who is not a Trustee.

The charitable objects of RISE include promoting the advancement of education in the publicly maintained sector in the UK, maintaining an educational information service, and promoting and encouraging research.

Trustees 2014: Hilary Chamberlain, Ada Fordham, David Gordon, Alan Gurbutt, Martin Johnson, Melian Mansfield, Nick Peacey, Joan Sallis, Margaret Tulloch, Liz Williams.

Correspondent: Libby Goldby

Following the retirement of Ron Glatter, reported last year, two new trustees have joined the Board, Nick Peacey and Martin Johnson, both bringing valuable experience from different areas of the world of education, Nick from academe and Martin from teaching and Union work. Trustees met formally six times during the year to work on the three projects mentioned in the last report: a review of research on school admissions, a discussion paper on special education and development of the Information Centre.

The Review, the fifth RISE has undertaken, was commissioned from Professor John Coldron of Sheffield Hallam University and supported by donations from the NUT and ATL. The fairness of school admissions and how they affect community cohesion, social mobility and parental preferences has been much in the news during the year, making this Review very timely as a contribution to clarity in the debate. RISE has organised a seminar entitled School Admissions: Lessons from the Evidence to take place in March 2015 at which Professor Coldron’s findings will be presented and discussed with an invited audience including members of educational associations, administrators, Press, MPs, academics and others with an interest in school admissions.

New legislation on Special Educational Needs was passed in 2014 after many delays. Nick Peacey has written a discussion paper on its implications that will be published on the RISE web site: again a very timely contribution to public understanding of the issue. A seminar to discuss the paper with a wide audience at the London Institute of Education is planned.

The On-line Information Centre has continued to develop through the work of volunteers Mary Andrews and Ian Helm, supported by trustees Martin Johnson and Margaret Tulloch. The Centre provides a wide range of links to on-line data and material from official sources, and links to web sites covering research and other information on state education. The information is continuously updated, commentaries are rewritten and the range of links expanded. Wider promotion of the Centre is planned for 2015.