RISE is distinctive in commissioning research and providing information focused particularly on issues that are of interest to non-professional stakeholders and users in schools, for example parents and governors, but which also have policy implications.
RISE has published research since 1994. RISE research has covered many issues of particular interest to parents, for example class size, school reports, home school agreements, the role of parent governor representatives and school admissions. Research has been funded by trusts such as the Nuffield Foundation and the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.
RISE reviews are short, accessible briefings about issues in education. The first two are What parents think about schools, Roberts (2010) and School systems across the UK, Croxford (2011).

RISE is working on a pilot of a new type of seminar which will present some recent educational research to an audience of stakeholders (parents, pupils, teachers, governors, local authorities). A large amount of research on education issues is carried out each year. Much of it is of direct interest to school practitioners and non-professionals, but there are few opportunities for them to hear directly from researchers or to engage in conversations with the researchers about their findings. Academic seminars are normally only open to fellow academics. If you are interested in the idea please get in touch.

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